Which is the best way to travel in Southern Africa?

Ten months back we began pondering our excursion through southern Africa. We realized that the locale was huge and that movement there was a troublesome puzzle. We weren’t even certain in the event that it was conceivable to cross the landmass all alone. All we knew was that we needed to see the incomparable African fields, watch lions action impalas, and have a beverage while tuning in to the sound of fish falcons.

Quick forward nine months, and we presently own a South African–enlisted Land Cruiser and have been visiting the huge mainland without anyone else. How could we get to this point? Was it the least expensive alternative? Or on the other hand did we make a huge bumble by tossing a lot of money into a significant obligation, what with awful streets, fringe authorities, pay-offs, and mechanical expenses? Maybe an overland visit would have been the best alternative? Or on the other hand may exploring over the landmass have accomplished our objective?

What is the best alternative for spending voyagers in southern Africa: an overland visit, hiking, or self-driving? Everything comes down to what you need to see and how you need to experience Africa. Here are the upsides and downsides of every choice:

Overland Tours

Overland visits are one of the most famous alternatives for youngsters needing to travel southern Africa nowadays. All transportation and settlement, most nourishment, and numerous exercises are secured. They expect practically zero arranging and no driving, are protected, and offer a definite method to meet different voyagers.

Acacia Africa, Nomad, Oasis, and Absolute Africa are four of the most well known “spending plan” overland safari organizations. These visits adventure in and around South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi (just as Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania). A few visits cut out a couple of nations, while the “uber” visits incorporate every one of them. A portion of the visits go through just two days in a specific nation; others may go through seven days there.

Acacia and Nomad incorporate practically all exercises, nourishment, and park expenses in the expense. They spare the extra costs for claim to fame experiences, similar to bungee hopping off the Victoria Falls Bridge or a sight-seeing balloon ride over the Serengeti.

Desert garden and Absolute, then again, settle on a single out model and incorporate just a predetermined number of exercises. Rather, they drive you from guide A toward point B and permit you to book experiences with neighborhood administrators. Desert garden and Absolute additionally incorporate just 60% of your suppers. (On the off chance that you need the entirety of the experience exercises included, the four suppliers are comparative in cost.)

Experts of doing an overland visit in southern Africa:

  • Sorted out visit that expects next to zero anticipating a difficult mainland
  • Extraordinary choice for meeting individuals, particularly as an independent voyager
  • Educated aides and safe drivers on brutal street conditions
  • Gatherings can be incredible fun

Cons of doing an overland visit in southern Africa:

  • Absence of “experience” on a composed visit
  • No autonomy and difficult to escape from the run of the mill traveler exercises
  • Absence of veritable nearby collaboration
  • Significant expense
  • Delight is dependent upon the climate of the gathering

Note: There are a couple of experiences offered by some overland visits that we don’t concur with morally. Any visit that places you in contact with wild creatures, for example, lion strolls, cheetah petting, and elephant riding, should raise quick warnings. Morals and the travel industry in Africa can be dim; don’t generally anticipate that your visit administrator should vet each movement and fascination.


At the point when we previously showed up in South Africa, we got a little pickup rental truck a month, split among us. We went with a 2×4 to go through Mozambique, however on the off chance that you course cautiously and avoid the soil streets and sand, it’s entirely conceivable to get around the majority of southern Africa in a vehicle (we’ve even met individuals doing it on bikes)!

Rental vehicles are the least expensive in South Africa and can be crashed into neighboring nations with a letter from the rental organization expressing your goal to cross outskirts. A manual car in Johannesburg can be leased for as meager seven days.

You might need to head to remote territories, which implies a completely kitted 4×4 rental; those come in seven days out of South Africa and Namibia on the low end for a full circle vehicle rental.


Nourishment in Africa can be truly reasonable (obviously there are a few exemptions to this on the off chance that you are eating out or have an exceptional eating routine). You can discover nearly all that you need everywhere Western markets in South Africa; in any matter, as you work your direction north, Western-style supermarkets become an irregularity. Outside of enormous urban communities, most nourishment will originate from side of the road stands or minor accommodation stores — all of which offer reasonable neighborhood costs. In matter you’re preparing your own suppers, you can make due with seven days for nourishment. That incorporates eating three suppers every day and things that might be viewed as extravagances to explorers, for example, steak, genuine espresso with milk, and an average sandwich lunch.

Last Verdict

investigating southern Africa

So what’s the best alternative for seeing southern Africa? It’s a troublesome choice on the grounds that overland visits are positively the simplest, yet in addition the most costly and least gutsy. Hiking can be troublesome and awkward and may frustrate your experiences in Africa as the majority of the normal sights and national parks are far expelled from populated urban communities where open vehicle works. Notwithstanding, in matter you’re hoping to meet probably the most amiable individuals on earth Africans rush to become friends with an explorer. Self-driving falls some place in the center, as it tends to be extraordinarily audacious however will offer the most adaptability with a progressively mid-extend sticker price.

As I would like to think, southern Africa is best done all alone in light of its foundation and lower cost. Travel through every nation changes a great deal. At long last, it comes down to what you are searching for regarding experience, connections, costs, solace, and straightforwardness.

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